Lip Sync Battles

At 7Entertainment we produce unforgettable Lip Sync Battles streamlined to your needs - fun, highly shareable experiences your clients/crew will always remember!


Expose the untapped stars in your midst!


Our pro expertise helps keep your Lip Sync event on track.

Lip Sync Battles

Perfect way to get your colleagues or clients fully involved.


Let others boost awareness of your brand.

Lip Sync Battle entertainment
Lip Sync Battles

Boost Your Brand: Engage!

Whether you’re planning a Lip Sync Battle for your colleagues or clients , we discover the ways in which the event will promote positive awareness of your brand.

At 7Entertainment we work with brands like Google, Facebook, Make A Wish. Meaning we know the creative ways entertainment can add impact to your brand message. And make no mistake – a properly hosted Lip Sync Battle can be the perfect way to do this in a fun, truly engaging and unforgettable way!