You just got engaged? That’s just wonderful news. Now that you’re being proposed to by your best friend, the next stage, wedding planning, comes next. If you’re here on behalf of your friend who wants you to be involved as the wedding planner, it could be fun. 

Weddings in Ireland could be packed with fun, especially the myriad of activities involved to mark the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. We’re certain you may be confused about the many challenges involved in the dos and don’ts. This page was created just for you. 

Here are some important features and tips you should put on a list to have yourself a wonderful wedding ceremony. 


How Long Should You Take Before Planning a Wedding After Engagement

After the engagement party, there are certain guidelines you need to follow before the day of the wedding. One is sending an official notification to the Registrar at least three months before your wedding day. Getting an appointment is also challenging, so the earlier, the better. In Northern Ireland, it could take between six-eight weeks before proceedings are filed. 

You can book an appointment on the Citizens Information website, where all requirements needed to meet the Registrar are listed. 

You should not wait any longer after being engaged to start planning. Official processes could take up to six months before you’re given a go-ahead to tie the knot. 

If you live abroad, you can do this by post. However, the Registrar will need a face-to-face interview at least five days before D-day. 


Intense Wedding Research

A crucial question you should ask yourself is what type of wedding you want. There are several wedding types available in Ireland. 



One particular question you should ask and get answers to is the wedding’s location. Are you looking to get married in the home county or city? Where is the ideal place to spend the last night of singlehood? 

Preferably a bachelor’s and ladies’ night in the woods or childhood home will be enough to create good memories. Based on location, do you need a civil ceremony or religious wedding? If you want to be married in a religious ceremony, what faith are you? How the setting should be. 

If the marriage is civil, do you want to get married in a registry or an open-air spot?

The next item on the location setting is your choice of a reception venue. Should a party be a reserved gathering of a few friends and family? Or you’re willing to throw the doors open. 

Location could be a huge determinant, especially in busy areas around Dublin, where weddings occur almost daily. 


How long should it take to book a Wedding Venue in Ireland?

You must know those wedding venues can be fully booked in Ireland. Many people also want to marry on particular dates and at the desired venue. Due to how these popular venues are fully booked in advance, it is recommended that you place a booking for your favourite venue at least 18 months to two years before your wedding day. 

While some people may be lucky to get a date and venue by booking late, some often end in disappointment or find out their dates clash with another couple. 

To be on the safe side, a long time gives you the right to seek damages if there is any disruption to your date without formal and detailed notification. 

We understand the need to choose the best and most popular locations. However, if you don’t want additional stress, it would be best to avoid certain overtly special areas, which may make your guests travel long distances.

Thankfully, Ireland is filled with historical places and spots close to the Dublin International Airport. These venues also have special lodgings and accommodations for your guests. You can check the local directory for suggestions on which of these locations are open. 


Irish Traditions

As the saying goes, behave as a citizen when in Rome, oh, Ireland. It is important to consider incorporating the traditions of the land into your wedding. Ireland has a rich culture where lots of beautiful memories can be created. 

From the bride wearing a beautiful Irish-themed dress, the Celtic Handfasting, to adding local delicacies to your food and drinks, the fun never stops. 

You can also go for beautiful Irish love songs. That’s one way to do an Irish wedding, the right way. 


Create a Budget

One important piece of planning you should not underestimate is having a budget. This includes answering questions like:

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Do you have savings, or are you eager to go for a loan?
  • Are you self funding or getting financial aid from family members?

One of the beauties about Ireland is you can have a wedding on any budget. However, the size and scale of the wedding will depend hugely on how much you’re willing to spend or your entire budget. Your budget will affect your venue, food and drinks, etc. 

This is most likely the first and important tip you need to settle before moving further with your plans. Of course, a wedding plan always comes with extra dillies, which is why we recommend you add extra room for contingencies in your budget. 



How do you make your Wedding more Fun?

Ireland is full of fun and excitement. There’s no telling how much fun you can have on your day. If you’re looking for maximum enjoyment, a good idea will be to find out what options are available for music and an entertaining MC. The Event Band is the wedding band to mention everyone has been talking about!

The Irish people love to dance, and investing in live music will make your wedding more relatable and entertaining, especially at the reception. 


wedding bands Ireland





When it comes to Irish weddings, a lot of planning is involved. Having a delightful wedding depends on how well you plan it. But don’t be mistaken, getting the right wedding ceremony takes a lot of effort. To remove the stress get in touch with 7entertainment who can take care of planning and entertainment for your wedding!