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At a time when we need to stay apart, we’ve managed to come together more than ever.

As the empty streets of Ireland slowly begin to fill again we know that together we can face this new future with a stronger sense of community and love. Each and every one of us are essential, each and every one of us are heroes.

#Heroes #spreadtheWORD

Keith Hanna is an actor/ DJ/ voiceover artist and spoken word performer/ writer from Dublin, Ireland. He’s a creative director with  7 Entertainment and along with Shane Creevey (MD of 7 Entertainment ) they came together to creating this one off piece as a tribute to the heroes in Ireland.

“In these challenging and uncertain times we now find ourselves in, we wanted to do something to show that even though we’re apart, we can come together” –
Keith Hanna (7 Entertainment)

Amazing spoken word piece by @keithhanna_ with stunning images of deserted Dublin. Beautifully done mate @7entertainmentireland

@chloeagnewChloë Agnew - Original Celtic Woman

LOVE THIS!!! Powerfull stuff @7entertainmentireland Beaut writing @keithhanna_

@thisisruthanneRuthAnne - Singer/Songwriter/Soul/Substance

Love this by @keithhanna_

@thekeithbarryKeith Barry - Magician & Mentalist

There's nowhere quite like Ireland! Great job by @kiethhanna_ and @7entertainmentireland

@ryan_acousticRyan O'Shaughnessy

Absolutely beautiful @keithhanna_ Check this out guys!

@johnnyward87Johnny Ward


@ryan_andrews93Ryan Andrews DANCING WITH THE STARS

Step back, make the beat crack
Double time slow it down bring the drums back
Music get physical
Mix it with the lyrical
Seamless combination as the flow’s so clinical
Stop ….
Vocals all alone enough to dethrone,
But why not mix it up instead of doing it alone.
Standing shoulder to shoulder
Enough to take over,
Solid as a rock show me any-one bolder
We soldier …
On together like I said no better
We break down walls or move light as a feather
This combination it’s intoxicating
Pushing forward with ease no hesitating
& no debating
Top of the field represent the nation
All love no hating
Just facts we’re stating
Bend & shape cos it’s pliable
Flow is undeniable
Beat justifiable
Unequivocally Reliable
And remember through tough times ahead, this storm we
We don’t do it alone we face it together
And Isolation doesn’t mean deprivation
Creativity can flow let’s build the foundation

From here, the heart, the best place to start
Let’s bring us together virtually
So we don’t fall apart
And to the real heroes who continue to inspire
Our admiration and respect couldn’t be any higher
That’s Frontline workers with a vocation
The people here before and who will last the duration
Keeping this thing moving through all the tears and sighs
They may get knocked today but tomorrow they will rise
Their boats may be rocked but they will never capsize
Because …
When it hits to the chest
Feel the beat move the rest
When we’re put to the test
Rise up be the best
From above like it’s blessed
Let go not suppressed
Never ever would’ve guessed
North south, east or west
Serious, no jest
& it must be addressed
On a wave we’re the crest
On a mission on a quest
So free not oppressed
Know it’s hard to digest
Against us you’ll attest
That there’s no contest