Welcome to Club D’Lux

Chic. Sparkling. Fun.

A modern D.J. based band who play a mix of genres that keep it fresh and current.

Club D’Lux deliver a unique and interactive experience which promises to make your event sizzle!


Party Time!

Step into the vibrant realm of Club D’Lux, where the rhythm never falters, and the beats are both modern and timeless.

Picture a DJ-based band that effortlessly mixes genres, creating an interactive musical journey that adds that extra spark to your night, making it truly exceptional. Club D’Lux lets your guests immerse themselves in the cutting-edge artistry of a truly interactive and memorable experience.


Design packages

Staging that stuns.

Immerse yourself in the visual wonders of Club D’Lux’s design packages.

From mirrorball towers to lasers and exclusive stage lighting, our entrancing options add a magical touch to your event, creating an atmosphere that is as visually captivating as the music itself.


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    Vibrant. Refreshingly different.

    Immerse yourself in the versatility of Club D’Lux, where you have the power to amplify the musical magic.

    Choose your ideal lineup, from an intimate trio featuring DJ, sax, and percussion to the grand spectacle of a six-piece band with additional percussionists and captivating female vocals.

    Videos. Club D’Lux.

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