The wedding day is one of the most important days in most people’s lives. There is a lot to think of regarding planning the wedding to ensure your big day goes without a hitch. You have a lot of decisions to make, but your choice of a live wedding band can determine whether you will have an unforgettable wedding day or one to forget.

Great music will no doubt moderate the mood of your special day and enhance every other proceeding. If the choice of music is spot on, you can be sure the entertainment part of your wedding is already half successful. The other half entails blending the band’s performance with the crowd’s mood, production, emceeing, and other vendors.

Therefore you want to choose a band that can deliver these roles excellently, which can be daunting. Here are a few factors to consider to help you select the best live band for your wedding.


Think about your Guestlist


Before choosing your wedding’s live band, you should first consider who would be in attendance. For instance, would the entire (immediate and extended) family, college friends, colleagues, boss, or boss’ boss be in attendance? Would kids be there? Or do you prefer a kid-free wedding and so on?


Other aspects to also put into consideration include;

  • Their age range
  • Music taste
  • How and where did you meet them and lastly
  • Their individual preferences


Once all of these have been established, you can then choose a band that is well able to perform songs across genres loved by your guests. Thereby making sure everyone lets loose, grooves, and dances to their favourite music.

While it is good to ensure every guest is entertained, remember it’s your wedding, and you come first. It’s important not to lose sight of what you want to dance to on your day, so be sure to choose a band that perfectly fits your style.



Wedding venue


Another thing you should do before you book a live band is to discuss it with the manager of your wedding venue. The reason is that many wedding venues have certain restrictions when it comes to playing live music, so it’s vital to check.

There’s also a question of volume restrictions. If your venue has a sound limiter or a decibel limit, telling your chosen live band before you book is essential. Be sure they are willing to work within these limits, as this would enable them to adjust their performance to fit all the restrictions and bring suitable equipment.




How much would the band cost?

Have a maximum budget in mind before setting out to speak to the band. Regardless, be prepared for some flexibility at the initial stages of planning. Whatever live band you like has to be within your budget.

The average cost of a live wedding band is influenced by a variety of factors which will be discussed briefly below;


  • The number of members in the band: The number of players in the band is a crucial consideration when it comes to pricing. The larger the team, the greater the cost.
  • Experience: A band that has been around for a while will be more experienced and expectedly charge higher than a band just starting. Check their social media pages and SoundCloud to know their expertise and repertoire before committing to payment.
  • Season: The time of the year is another factor in considering your budget. Lower rates are offered during off-seasons. You might even get a discount.
  • Day of the week: Saturdays are usually the more costly, followed by Fridays and Sundays, while weekdays are generally the least expensive.
  • The Region: The distance between the country or city where the live band is based and your wedding venue will play a vital role in cost and logistics.



Go for experience and professionalism

Professional live bands are experts at reading the rooms and creating an unmatched atmosphere at wedding events. They know how to maximize moments and make them memorable with the right selection of songs and sounds. Besides music, connection with the audience is essential to get them off their feet to dance.

Ask for recommendations and reviews from those that hired them in the past. Most top-performing live bands have an online or social media presence. Before completing the hiring process, check the videos of their past performance at weddings. That will give an idea of what to expect or adjustments to make.  




Ask the right questions

Any live band should bring music to your wedding, aesthetics, and other perks. To avoid surprises, compile a list of questions that will give an idea of what to expect on your D day. Ask questions about their favourite songs, playlist, number of singers and instrumentalists, their wardrobe, other commitments for that day, and many more.

It is not smart only rely on their beautiful website, the perfect picture of past events, or an FAQ that is basically an advertisement. Meeting them in person is great to pick up some hints. You are not necessarily trying to be controlling but ensuring you share the same picture of a perfect wedding.  Check our guide to wedding planning here.



What to look for in a live wedding band

The first thing should be the genre of music. If you want your guest to boogie down all evening, then a live band with a reputation for making people sweat on the dance floor is a must.



Is it better to have a band or DJ at a wedding?

Generally, hiring a band costs more money than a DJ. Besides the music, real people playing instruments in real-time add some appeal to your wedding. Hiring a DJ for your wedding has its pros. It is especially appealing to people who want broad genres of music played at their wedding.



How much does a wedding band cost in Ireland?

Many factors contribute to how much a wedding band in Ireland will cost. Factors like the size of the band, track record and demand, distance of your wedding venue, and so on will affect the price. The going rate for a professional live band can be between €1900 and €2900. The average leans on €2,200.


Final Words

Finding the right wedding band for your venue doesn’t have to be complicated. 7 entertainment is proud to offer a custom-tailored experience where you can pick your style. Check out the event band here.