A Night in Jameson

7 Entertainment in Partnership with MCI, Ireland.

‘A Good Story has to be Distilled"

7 Entertainment - Corporate Singer
7 Entertainment - Irish Dancing

A great night at the Jameson Distillery and a look at their incredible tour experience was the perfect place to start when it came to creating this evening of entertainment.

Sure you can only get a feel for an Irish whiskey distillery by having a few whiskeys to start it all off …right?

We often dream of becoming businessmen like the characters from Mad Men so this was the perfect place to mix it all together with our partners from MCI, Ireland. Working with these guys is always a pleasure and we spent many long hours chatting over the phone to make sure we had all the right ingredients for a show-stopping night of entertainment.
This event was for all the professionals in our industry that book corporate entertainment for their own companies so it takes even more thought and creativity to design something they have never seen before. Don’t get me wrong, that’s what we try to do with every event, “be creative” and bring new ideas to the table, but this type of night keeps you on your toes in order to make sure it’s something really special.
Opening the night, we had a great performance from the newest swing band in town, Bobby Mc and the Dukes. They took a bunch of modern chart songs and gave them an old school swing sound so it all tied in with the vibe of our grand opening. Then, dancer and all-round showman Don King got the crowd going accompanied by a sax player and percussionist. This was followed by a stunning alternative dance performance from Fada Dance Company.
As if that wasn’t enough Grammy-nominated artist Susan McFadden also took to the stage alongside former RoySeven star Paul O’Hara to sing a medley of hits from A Star is Born. This was all rounded off by The Dream Divas who entertained the crowd as our magician The Conn Artist made his way around the floor to wow all our guests with his talents.
To finish off the night guests were treated to something truly special, a spoken word performance, written especially for the event by actor Keith Hanna, and performed in none other than John Jameson’s office. We’ll leave it to Keith to tell you more about this truly magical experience below. A big thank you to Keith, Jenni and all our talented performers at 7 Entertainment for making this night a success. Also to our partners at MCI, thank you for putting your trust in us to create an amazing night for everybody involved.

Keith Hanna on his spoken word creation

When I visited the Jameson distillery I could feel the history in every room. Everything in there told me a story that was rich with possibility, success, hard-work and a real sense of achievement. John Jameson’s story is one that shows how true courage and determination can prevail.
Jameson itself is so much more than just a whiskey, it encompasses stories, laughter and charm and is a real part of our identity here in Ireland. I felt that a spoken word piece could capture some of that identity and that people would relate to it on many levels.
The Irish are natural storytellers and we have a lyricism to the way we speak and communicate. I knew that this piece could be told and listened to with ease. As soon as I read the large quote on the wall inside the distillery; ‘A good story cannot be devised it has to be distilled’, the words, like the great whiskey itself, started to flow.

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