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"We create a fresh and new experience every time"

When your thinking about ways to make your event stand out from all the rest there are a few elements to consider. Now with The Experience team at 7 Entertainment we not only provide the unique entertainment your looking for but we also create it too. We think outside the box with food, visuals and design but sometimes the key ingredient is lost when you don’t develop an entertainment package that ties in with all these other aspects. Sure you can add a band or  dj to an event with little effort but what if you could have it all produced for you with a bespoke one off theme that brings your event to life from start to finish. Now you can!


We incorporate a team of performers from live bands, dancers and walking brass bands that work with our team in producing this one off experience and taking your event to new highs from the moment your guests arrive.

Our clients include Deloitte, Matheson, Google, Paypal and Facebook to name just a few.