Catching them by surprise

The Icon Flash Mob.

‘The Icon flash mob showed that an event can be held absolutely anywhere!‘

At 7Entertainment HQ, the cogs are constantly turning as we dream up new and interesting ways to entertain and meet our clients brief. The Icon flash mob was yet another showcase for the range of acts and performers we can provide and the events we can create.

We’re delighted to be working with Icon on some of their events this year, one of those being an upcoming Christmas lip sync battle. But if you want a lip-sync battle you need willing participants and that is where the flash mob idea comes in.

We met with the bosses in icon to discuss fun ways to promote their upcoming event around the icon offices and create a buzz around the upcoming lip sync battle. As ever it was a collaboration of ideas between ourselves and Icon and we discussed a number of ideas at length to make sure we were giving the guys exactly what they were looking for.

At 7Entertainment, our aim is never to just hand a client a tired and pre-packaged idea, when it comes to entertainment the best ideas are always tailor-made to fit the client and the event. So after much discussion, we came up with the idea to stage a lunch time flash mob in the Icon offices as a fun way to grab people’s attention and spread awareness about the event.

Keith Hanna and Don King

We’re lucky to work with a number of talented dancers and performers in 7Entertainment, and for this event, Keith Hanna and Don King were the main men for the job. Keith was our master of ceremonies for the event on the day as he compared a lunchtime event to spread awareness about the upcoming lip sync battle and encouraged members of the crowd to sign up.

A Ringer for Bruno Mars!

Unbeknownst to the unsuspecting audience, our very own don king was waiting amongst the employees to be plucked from the crowd by Keith. Don is a dancer with years of experience under his belt but the mock embarrassment was very convincing as he joined Keith on the stage and pretended not to be loving the limelight.

A ringer for Bruno Mars, Keith couldn’t help but ask him to give the lip-syncing a go and after a convincingly uncoordinated start, Don burst into full performance, gradually being joined by eight of our undercover dancers in the crowd, all dressed as normal Icon employees. Naturally, the crowd didn’t suspect a thing and were enthralled as one by one, all of our dancers joined in the flash mob, performing a perfectly choreographed routine with seemingly no preparation.

Creating a Buzz

When it comes to promoting an event, a flash mob really is the perfect idea for creating a buzz and catching people by surprise. There’s nothing like a group of hip-hop dancers in suits and office wear to create a bit of intrigue eh?

“Anywhere” Events

The Icon flash mob really showed us that an event can be held absolutely anywhere, but it’s all down to the preparation. When you’re working with the element of surprise it’s so important to have everything planned, down to the last detail and this is why seeing a venue and space before an event is so important.

We had plenty of access to the space prior to the event so we knew the spec we were working with and could drill positions and all the logistics with Keith, Don and the dancers.

We have a number of different dance acts and a core group of really versatile performers on our books at 7Entertainment so while this event had more of hip-hop/break dancing vibe to it, it would have worked just as well with traditional Irish, contemporary, modern dance, etc.

A flash mob creates the idea of effortless co-ordination where everyone just randomly knows the moves and what’s going on, but behind the scenes, there was nothing random about this flash mob. From meeting with the client and creating an initial idea to choreographing a routine and rehearsing with the space, at 7Entertainment we look after all the finer details to ensure that the hard work never shows, and we think that’s the way it should be.

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