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The 7 Entertainment Experience.
Anything is Possible.

Created by creatives, 7 Entertainment offers something unique in Irish Event Entertainment. As artists and performers ourselves, we bring natural creativity to each event. We know what works. We know the entertainers who can deliver. And most of all we have the vision to listen to our clients and turn their dreams into reality.

Because with 7 Entertainment, creativity comes as part of the package.

Deloitte wanted an event like no other. See how 7 Entertainment made it happen.

When planning an event, many think outside the box with food, visuals and design. But a key ingredient is lost if you miss out on an entertainment package that ties it all together. Sure you can add a band or DJ to an event, but what if you could have it all produced for you as a bespoke theme that brings your event to life from start to finish. Now you can!

7 Entertainment incorporates a team of performers from live bands, dancers and walking brass bands. They work in harmony with our team to ensure your guests enjoy a one off experience from the moment they arrive.

Meet the Team.

7 Entertainment - Shane Creevey
Managing Director

Shane Creevey.

Shane Creevey is the Managing Director and founder of 7 Entertainment. Bringing together a team of Irelands top entertainers he has worked with some of the leading event companies in Ireland and Europe to produce and direct entertainment shows both home and abroad.

With 3 top 10 hits in the Uk charts and over 500,000 records sold world wide as part of music group D-Side he believes that you can only manage performers if you have been there yourself. “All our team have a performance background so there is vision and creative spark in everyone at 7 Entertainment.”

7 Entertainment - Louise Bowden
Choreographer and Creative Director

Louise Bowden.

Louise Bowden is a hugely successful musical theatre actress, singer, dancer and choreographer. With a West End career as a leading lady in Musical Theatre in London spanning over 10 years.

Now based back in Dublin Louise is using her talent and expertise to create and choreograph bespoke shows and pieces for events throughout Ireland.

7 Entertainment - Jenni Bowden
Artist and Talent Co-Ordinator

Jenni Bowden.

Jenni Bowden is lead singer of the highly successful corporate and wedding band Good Times. She has gained valuable experience performing on many well renowned stages both nationally and internationally.

Jenni represented Ireland in the 2014 Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen as part of the popular Irish music group Cann Linn.